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佛山市井达展览铝材厂是一家专业从事展览展示器材研发、生产销售为一体的工厂. 结合市场及客户的需求,为客户量身定做适合的产品。


Foshan City Exhibition aluminum material factory is a professional engaged in the exhibition display equipment R & D, production and sales as one of the factories . The combination of market and customer needs, tailored to customers for products.

The main business, products are: all kinds of exhibition aluminum series; big hole eight prism, small hole eight prism, a prism, 90 degrees eight prism, 40 double groove flat aluminum, 40 double groove single stiffened flat aluminum, 50 double groove flat aluminum, 50 four slot flat aluminum, 70 four slot flat aluminum, 70 six slot flat aluminum, 40 square, 60 square, 80 square, exhibition series, standard booth, special booth, display screen, screen painting, to make plans, fixed background truss, truss, square tube truss, can order all kinds of size, spherical truss series, ball joint link, display cabinet material, exhibition fittings series, rotary cabinet series, special-shaped column series, standard booth with lamp, desk chair exhibition, exhibition, exhibition accessories, three card lock, flat aluminum bracket, adjustable bracket, adjusting the foot, eight prism connector, flat aluminum inner connection, various reinforcement codes, we in good faith, thoughtful, the operating principle of lean, sincere to provide you with high quality exhibition supplies, well. You are welcome to order